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Catalyst is the ecosystem governed by plantogroup that aggregates business and operative realities, in order to create intelligent supply chains and transform into digital asset. Catalyst is the efficient way to work togheter with confidence.

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What We Do

  • Business Combination.

  • Intelligent Supply-chain.

  • New Project.

  • System Adopter.

  • Token Adopter In Real Economyes

  • P2p Digital Leanding

Our Team

Matteo Rossi

Founder companies , Project Manager

Plantomatic s.r.l.s

hardware and software developer

Plantofarm s.r.l

Industrial tech for therapeutic indoor Cannabis production

Plantolab s.r.l.

research Lab and API extraction

Herbeka s.r.l. / dott. Bellomo Domenico

Scientific Manager and formulation of nutraceutical products.

Mirko Prili

Specialist in Economic and Financial consultant.

IAM edizioni

The interdisciplinary Lab founded to support local cityes and creates art visionary projects.

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