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Make an appointment with us, become a catalyst. Discover the possible tax advantages from tokenomics.  Enjoy the benefits.


Tell us your idea and ...

...let's develop supply chain together

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THERAPEUTIC CANNABIS SUPPLY CHAIN ​​PROJECT 2017-2024 By Plantomatic, Plantofarm , Plantolab


How To Work With Us

At Catalyst, we are always looking for individuals and companies to join our network to create innovative supply chains and products for the markets. By affiliating with us, you will have access to our unified store and be able to digitize and tokenize your assets with our support. We believe in creating a collaborative community dedicated to creating value for everyone involved.

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catalyst plantcatalyst

What happens behind the scenes when you choose our services ?

Smart Business Solutions

Assigned to you:

  • An indexed site of your business.

  • A personalized store for your products. ( fiat + crypto ).

  • first forniture of your product of supply.

  • Dedicated assistant.

Delivered to you:

  • 1% 6os token (reserve foreseen in "special projects" of the 6ense tokenomika for the INET Catalyst network ).

  • Your token deployed with launchpad.

  • Dex integration for trading.

With you:

  • We develop new products to patent, certify and place on the market.

  • We look for your right place within the supply chains.

  • We follow your every journey remotely and/or in person if necessary.

From people to Company, to Network, to Finance.

Catalyst Workflow

Make an appointment and tell us your business idea. Make sure you provide us with an updated Chamber of Commerce view so that we can evaluate your ATECO codes and find your best fit within a category supply chain.




Grow your business with flowing innovation.

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Maximize the potential of your supply chain with our EARN service. With the ability to earn up to 40% by staking your token 6os, you can easily accumulate more assets while using them to exchange without any additional fees. Our platform is designed to provide you with a seamless and cost-effective solution to building a successful supply chain.

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 Go to and sign up for a donation or sponsorship. Supports the project according to a plan you like.

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