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Catalyst is the ecosystem governed by plantogroup that aggregates business and operative realities, in order to create intelligent supply chains and to transform they into digital asset with 6ENSE. Catalyst is the efficient way to work togheter with confidence.

Enjoy the Vision.

Revolutionizing the Way You Do Business


Add On Store

Catalyst offers a streamlined process for adding your products to a virtual storefront on our platform. Our team will ensure your product is listed on multiple 6ense pages through our tokenization process. We understand the importance of promoting your products effectively, so our customer support team is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Become a Catalyst

 We help businesses optimize their operations at every stage of the process, from procurement to delivery. Take the first step in improving your supply chain and purchase the 6os token for 1% of the total supply. With Catalyst & 6ense, you’re on your way to revolutionizing everything.

Develop your project

We are masters of construction and inventiveness. Test us with your projects and integrate with other companies in the Catayst network

- Earn 8 % APY, releasing LP.
- Use your LP ownership stake to make governance decisions.

- Use 6os tokens on platform.

Earn  & Trading

Experience the power of hydrogen on your body.

Drink the "Real Water".

Catalyst Hydrogen

The First element as the first product of Catalyst network.

castalyst network plantogroup


Plantomatic  was the first company that believed in our project from the beginning. They wanted to create the field lighting system with innovative, professional latest generation products in order to offer an excellent quality service. They chose to invest in the lighting part since Plantomatic srl deals with indoor and outdoor precision agriculture through sensors and lamps with light spectra optimized for each type of plant. It has created the largest fully LED-certified indoor cannabis light production plant in Italy

Centro sportivo il Decimo, Alatri, Frosinone, Italia



Don't miss the medical cannabis supply chain.
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Help Your Health

Discover the range of Catalyst products aimed at protecting health and healthy eating.

castalyst network plantogroup
castalyst network plantogroup
castalyst network plantogroup

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